Rødde folk high school – English

Rødde folkehøgskole (folk high school) is one of over 80 folk high schools in Norway, and is situated in Melhus, next to Trondheim. The school has between 80 and 100 students each year. Folk high schools are boarding schools, so you live on campus in a dormitory during the school year.

At Rødde folkehøgskole we have six major subjects three days a week. You choose one of theese subjects when you submit an application. In addition to the major subject, you have electives, common subjects, seminars, project week and study trips. The school year lasts from August to May. All instructions and information during the school year is only given in Norwegian. Norwegians, however, understand and speak English quite well, but we recommend foreign students to try to learn some Norwegian before starting at Rødde.

Rødde has 6 major subjects during the school year 2022/2023:

Beats Electro

Music Production with sampling and beats, release ep/dem/single, studio work and recording in a professional studio, songwriting, music and sound theory, the live situation, visual identity.

Bratt – klatring, buldring og stisykkel

Climbing with intstruction, become certified to the «Brattkort» (national certification standard issued by the Norwegian Climbing Federation), bouldering in two of Norway’s best boulder centers, trail cycling, downhill cycling, canyoning and cave hiking, skiing and snowbaording, filming and editing.

Freeride Chasing Powder

Hikes and freerides on skis or snowboards, avalanche theory, rock jumping and diving course, water skiing, wakeboarding and water jumping, GoPro training and editing in Adobe Premiere.

Freestyle Park

Freestyle skiing or snowboarding in some of the best freestyle parks in Scandinavia including the local ski center, rock jumping and diving course, gymnastics, skateboarding, strength and cardio training

Fysioterapi, trening og friluft

First aid, simple anatomy and physiology, several short sessions in psychology, creating an individual training plan for yourself and others, basic massage, leading a training group indoors, leading an outdoor group, becoming a certified tour guide in The Norwegian Trekking association (DNT), solo days in nature, accommodation in tents, food on the fire, climbing and rappelling, Stand Up Paddle (SUP).


Kitch’n take over, menu, collecting in nature and the sea, fish and seafood, game meat, national dishes, food from different continents, vegetarian, organic farming and processing, baking, desserts, photo and dissemination.

Multisport X Bali

Exploring and learning a variety of activities like surfing, longboard, wakesurf, waterskiing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), skating, bmx and downhill cykling, rappelling and zipline, snowboard and skiing, offroad car, minicross and snowscootercross, trampoline.

Reis Afrika

Learn African culture and wildlife, refugee work together with the Red Cross, South Sámi culture and history, safari and Serengeti, Climbing, rappelling, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and rafting, dog sledding and ice swimming, photography course.


What is folk high school?

Folk high school is a Nordic school type which has existed for over 100 years. The school year is often a break between hight school and higher education. These schools have no grades nor exams, and the students experience a different form of learning, based on inner motivation and interaction with other people in different learning arenas, rather than theory subjects and exams. The subjects can vary a lot both within the school and from school to school. At a folk high school, you get to practice what you learn, not merely immerse yourself in its theory. Supervised and encouraged by dedicated teachers, you find yourself a member of a small class, generally consisting of only 10 to 20 students.

The students at folk high schools live at dormitory during the school year. We believe that living with fellow students, creates an outstanding learning environment. By sharing accommodations with people who are different from yourself you learn to work together and handle problems. You also get to know your fellow students in a completely different way when you are with them around the clock.

A folk high school year lasts nine months, from August to May. Most students attend folk high schools right after graduating from high school (upper secondary school). The folk high school year is for most students a year of maturation and makes them better prepared to study or work and the life to follow.

When you have completed the school year, you will receive a diploma. Folk high school qualifies for 2 credits for higher education in Norway. The year at folk high school qualifies to loan and grant in the Lånekassen (a bank and a part of the welfare state, under the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research with the purpose to make education possible).

Eight reasons to attend a folk high school:

  • You learn more in-depth and try your hand at subjects you care about
  • You get to know people from all over Norway and other countries
  • You learn to work with people who are different than yourself
  • You learn without the pressure of grades
  • You become more involved and engaged in the world around you
  • A diploma detailing the subjects you have taken
  • Personal guidance and counselling by teachers with relevant expertise
  • Practical experience

Read more about folk high school in general at: https://www.folkehogskole.no/en/about

Study permit for foreign students

For foreign students who are going to study in Norway for more than three months, you have to apply for a study permit. For foreign students outside the EU / EEA area you also have to guarantee that you can pay the school tuition. For the school year 2022/2023 the guarantee amount is set to 109 962 NOK.